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This includes the request volume and latency, traffic volume, memory usage, number of instances and error count. The nice thing in App Engine is that everything you deploy has a specific version. Every time we tried to tweak those numbers, it felt like practicing black magic. If Google has not done so already, they should write him a huge cheque for making the App Engine a better place. Since then, the only shred of news about any progress on the matter is a post on the App Engine mailing list fromstating engineers are actively working on it.

  • 3 years on Google App Engine. An Epic Review.

  • Nov 8, This article was inspired by a recent question posted on the Google App Engine (GAE) mailing list.

    For the uninitiated GAE is Google’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering and is similar to Heroku, or Cloud Foundry to name a few. GAE standard supports multiple. Oct 11, Using the App Engine flexible environment means that your application instances run Modifying the runtime, Yes (through Dockerfile), No environment, you might want to move some services to the flexible environment. Oct 4, Deploy your application to App Engine using the gcloud app deploy command.

    If your application does not reach ready status in a specified amount of time, If you'd like to build a Python custom runtime application from.
    I think at the time the API may have been in Beta, though. A few years in, after it had suffered a few severe outtakes, Google introduced a new configuration option: Also, we were able to apply different scaling strategies for the two services.

    Well, depending on how you have configured your application. It is infuriating if there are known issues but they are not fixed. Making backups of the Datastore is an atrocious process.

    images like or not app engine
    The API stayed the same but the latency for writes increased and some reads became eventual consistent more on that later.

    We got rid of Spring's classpath scanning. And since each service is separate from the others, you could run any combination of the supported languages.

    There is also one option which we never used that allows you to distribute your traffic across multiple versions. So having it is a must for any mission-critical application - in my eyes. But bear with me for a moment. Among Go's traits is the ability to start an application virtually instantly.

    Mar 13, The SDK is not just your bridge to the world of Google App Engine but Of course, one could migrate to one of the many JVM languages like.

    Sep 17, I had a similar experience while trying to set up Google App Engine Udacity makes it a point to not spoon-feed everything to students (so that.

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    May 24, We still liked app engine after that and we even did a talk at I will take some blame, mostly for picking app engine but not for this issue.
    There, you specify the application ID and version plus some additional settings, e. Usually Memcache will respond within about 5 ms, which is much faster than the Datastore.

    After contacting Google support we would learn that they moved our application to a 'different cluster'. BigQuery is a data warehouse as a service, managed by Google.

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    I can understand why that might be: In practice, this can be an issue. The upload can take quite a while for typical Java applications, you'd better have a fast internet connection.

    images like or not app engine
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    Usually, this shouldn't be a problem.

    The instance itself on the other hand is ridiculously fast to start. It also means, that it is very affordable to get started.

    images like or not app engine

    The SDK is huge. But since an instance is started via an HTTP request, this also means it has to start in 60 seconds. Reads by key are strongly consistent, meaning you will receive the latest data even if you updated the entity right before fetching it.

    If you want your application is not binded to GAE, the best approach is to use Although I haven't used it myself, it looks like AppEngine for. Jun 22, Google App Engine is a powerful platform that lets you build and run not created a project before, you'll need to select whether you want to.

    Jun 28, If you've ever used Google App Engine, you know it's one of the fastest While it is still not free like App Engine Standard, I feel it is much more.
    GAE can switch immediately or migrate your traffic incrementally to prevent overwhelming the new version.

    3 years on Google App Engine. An Epic Review.

    To quote the App Engine documentation:. They are eventually consistent. There, you specify the application ID and version plus some additional settings, e. While it is possible to start a new thread, albeit through a custom GAE ThreadManagerit cannot 'outlive' the request it was created in.

    images like or not app engine

    This means the cost of your app scales virtually byte by byte, hour by hour and operation by operation.

    images like or not app engine
    The Cloud Console gives access to a few basic application metrics. It feels like they only invest the bare minimum anymore.

    Also, you receive functionality out of the box that would take at least a dozen add-ons from third parties on Heroku or a few weeks of setup if done on your own. By using Google App Engine, you can run your app on top of probably the world's best infrastructure. Google launched GAE inwhen cloud computing was still in its infancy. On a developer's laptop our app started almost twice as fast as in production.


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      There is a lot to be said about Google Cloud Support. Every time we tried to tweak those numbers, it felt like practicing black magic.

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      This is because App Engine scaled the instances up immensely and, since requests are routed evenly across instances, this led to more user requests hitting cold instances.

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      There, you specify the application ID and version plus some additional settings, e.

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      Then, all efforts that went into sub-second REST responses go out the window.